Dryos Village

The quiet and beautiful village of Dryos is located on the southeast coast of Paros, approximately 20 km. from Parikia, the main port of the island. It is easily accessible via the main road which goes through the island while there is a regular bus route which serves local people as well as tourists.

Unlike the rest of the island, Dryos village, is a green oasis. Densely leafy trees offer their rich shade while charming, breezy places with flowing waters and cool springs bring visitors significant relief from the intense heat of summer.


Dryos Beach

The beach is lovely, with nice white pebbles and deep blue waters and the surrounding rocks with the characteristic concave patterns give the impression that they were carved by human hand. Tradition says that the local boatmen made grooves on the rocks, in order to protect their boats from the strong winds of the Aegean.

Where to eat

The surrounding area to the villas guarantees you a quiet and relaxing accommodation as there are no roads and cars anywhere close. The peaceful pedestrian trail which passes in front of our villas, leads to the picturesque fisherman’s port of Dryos only 250 meters away, where you may enjoy fresh sea food meals and local dishes in the rustic charm of a small greek tavern.


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Water Sports

Either asking for a refreshing swim or seeking for adventure “Aequora Villas” is the place to stay when visiting Paros. Get in touch with your energetic side and try water sports, beach volley, surfing, diving or just sit comfortably and relax by the silken sand and crystal clear waters. The decision is yours...